Tom Dixon’s New Collection at MOST Salone – Miami Design District

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Tom Dixon’s New Collection at MOST Salone

Tom Dixon presents the rough and the smooth: a story of opposites where we’ve spotted two seemingly contradictory themes in their new collection that go really rather well together.

This collection is going to be exhibited at MOST Salone were you can drink British High Tea at our Tea House. A quintessentially British experience served from our new Eclectic Form Tea Set.

Tom Dixon Bespoke is also launched. Change the colour, size or finish of any of our existing range products with this new service which manufactures made-to-measure product for commercial use.

Also they will announce in Milan the partnership with ADIDAS, creating a multifunctional collection, which includes apparel, luggage and footwear, is presented against the mighty backdrop of the Museum’s reconstructed 19th century railway station.


New Products Include:

GEM comprises of a family of angular lights, tables and mirrors, sand cast from nickel-plated aluminium, taking inspiration from the facets of cut gemstones.


BELL is an exercise in reductionism – a dome suspended over a dome formed of chrome plated pressed steel with an ultra-polished, reflective surface.

Like a mysterious chemistry experiment FLASK is a spherical object made up of two, hand- blown, glass components; a ridged and rounded base and a smoked-glass hood.


CELL is a light that mimics cellular growth and can be used in multiple geometric configurations. Made from layers of minutely etched, polished brass, Cell Pendant Short and Wall Light use a Crown Brass LED lamp exclusively developed with Megaman.


SPUN calls to space age, Art Deco and Pop influences. Three pieces of ultra-expressive, occasional furniture which bring an injection of instant disco glamour.

Huge chunks of heavyweight, metallic minimalism, MASS Coat stand and Book stand are confident, over-scaled pieces of furniture with real presence and instantly recognisable expressive minimalism.


FAN dining chair, stool and table create exclamation marks in the home. Formed from machined wood spindles, the family extends from our much loved Fan Chair.

ETCH LIGHT WEB STAINLESS STEEL is a vast shade with an open structure formed in mirror polished stainless steel and BASE light is now available with a highly-polished copper shade.

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