The most luxurious nightclubs in Miami – Miami Design District

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The most luxurious nightclubs in Miami

Luxurious nightclubs in Miami are world famous due to the ever increasingly amount of influx into the city, and its fun, partyatmosphere. Pretty soon, Miami will receive people from all the parts of US : artists, celebrities, designers, architects… will gather to visit Design Miami and Art Basel.

During the day, Miami will offer you a stage of the world’s premier modern and contenporary art show’s and during night, the most luxurious nightclubs.
A place where a large number of celebrities live, vacation, and party, adding to the chic and excitement of Miami nightlife, you’ll be dazzeled by the night events and awesome luxurious clubs and who know’s which celebritie could you find.

Miami is a very colorful city with a large number of bars and nightclubs to satisfy the night owl. Were can you have fun ?

There’s several luxurious nightclubs were you canfeel in the Top of the world and appreciate a luxurious edgy design. For those who apreciate design and like to party and dance all night with style  these are the Must go nightclubs:
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Located at the Fontainebleau Hotel in MiamiBeach, LIV is a major player in the Miami party scene. The huge space, lavish design, and outrageous entertainment offered make it a real stand out amongMiami clubs. It’s like going to Las Vegas without leaving Miami. The Miami New Times named their Skyboxes the best VIP

luxurious nightclubs in Miami livmiami2 luxurious nightclubs in Miami livmiami4

While the “ultralounge” craze seems to be cooling off, Mokai has managed to stay hot by bringing the sexiest surroundings you’ll find in a club not called “Miami Velvet”. The vintage “adult” films projected on the wall might make you feel the need to prove your manhood by getting a few bottles at one of their super-swanky tables… or go out and, for almost about the same amount of money, buy a Porsche.

mokai 1 mokai 2 mokai 3 mokai 4

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Al Capone’s old movie theatre has undergone a renovation or 12 since Al used to sit up in the projection booth and do, well, probably the same stuff folks do in the super-VIP room that it has since become. With a light-changing ceiling, almost-naked chicks dancing on cargonets over your head, and an actual, like, dance floor instead of an endless sea of tables, Mansion makes a solid case to be #1.

mansion2 luxurious nightclubs in Miami

This is the place to find the hottest DJs and the best drinks – for a price. The Miami New Times named it the “Best Dance Club” in 2009, noting the couches and tables designed for maximum alcohol consumption and minimal dancing. But that doesn’t stop clubgoers from dancing on top of the tables and bars. At the moment, it is also one of thebest spots to hear the hottest DJs on the scene.

luxurious nightclubs in Miami luxurious nightclubs in Miami set 2 luxurious nightclubs in Miami

Any Miamian worth his bath salts has at least a dozen stories that start with, “And so then we decided to hit up the Space patio”. None of which can be repeated here. The after-after-after hours club is Miami’s greatest freak show and, depending on when you’re there exactly, is the kind of spot everyone will swear is the greatest place in the history of civilization. And then say exactly the opposite the next morning.

luxurious nightclubs in Miami space 2

See you there.


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