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"10 Amazing things about Miami Spice Restaurant"
10 Amazing things about Miami Spice Restaurant

Hi, how are you? Today, Miami Design District have found and article about the 10 Amazing things about Miami Spice Restaurant that you will love to know! I need to share this with you:

The Miami Spice restaurant program is twelve years old and still going strong (and is one of the best restaurants in Miami). Every August and September, Miami’s top restaurants offer three-course meals (Lunches $19 or $23, Dinners $33 or $39) featuring signature dishes created by world-renowned chefs as part of the Miami Spice program. This wildly popular special offer is an absolute must if you’re visiting during its run.

"10 Amazing things about Miami Spice Restaurant"

Here are 10 things we love, and you will too, about Miami Spice:

1. Eat like a king. If you watch your budget closely (and who doesn’t these days) this is your chance to sample truly innovative dishes at “hot” Miami restaurants. With an appetizer, main course and dessert included even the biggest of appetites will be tempted to loosen their belt buckle a notch at the table.
"10 Amazing things about Miami Spice Restaurant"

2. OpenTable reservations. Your dining adventure is just a click away. *Be sure to check each individual restaurant’s weekly Miami Spice offerings. Some offer dinner only; some do not offer Miami Spice menus on certain days of the week so be sure to read-up in advance if you have a specific restaurant in mind to try. OpenTable makes reserving your spot and securing your table easy, just log on and see what times and dates are available.
"10 Amazing things about Miami Spice Restaurant"

3. Special Offers. You heard right. In addition to tempting your tastebuds with their delicious Miami Spice menus, participating restaurants also post other types of specials that you may not be aware of, including wine specials, group discounts, Happy Hours, etc. Be sure to ask if there are any additional specials you may not know about – that margarita suddenly became a two-for-one steal.
"10 Amazing things about Miami Spice Restaurant"

4. Double dipping. If you’re dazzled by the dinner you enjoyed at a Miami Spice restaurant, why not go back for lunch? There’s no rule against double dipping!
"10 Amazing things about Miami Spice Restaurant"

5. Miami Spice Kickoff Event. Everyone is invited to the New Times Iron Fork Miami Spice Kickoff Event at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts. On August 1, come enjoy tastings from selected Spice restaurants, a celebrity chef competition and live music.
"10 Amazing things about Miami Spice Restaurant"

6. Large Groups Welcome. Sometimes, having dinner with friends can turn into an unforeseen headache. Who pays what? How to best split the bill? How much are we going to spend? All these questions can pile up and suddenly a night meant to be spent focusing on fun and food is all about pestering thoughts and anticipation of the bill. With Miami Spice’s set prices, it’s easy to eat out with a group because everyone will know in advance how much they’ll be spending on food.
"10 Amazing things about Miami Spice Restaurant"

7. Try Something New or Stick To Your Favorites. Picky and adventurous eaters alike will be happy with the set-up for the Miami Spice menus. Go online in advance and peruse the many, many restaurants with special Spice menus and chose something because it’s unique and unusual or because it’s your favorite. Whether it’s about an exotic crustacean prepared in an unfamiliar way or a macaroni and cheese or pizza there’s a menu with just what you’re in the mood for on a participating restaurant’s menu.
"10 Amazing things about Miami Spice Restaurant"

8. Every Neighborhood Has Something. To say that every one of Miami’s neighborhoods has a participating restaurant is a bit of an understatement, all of Miami’s neighborhoods have a plethora of options for dining in the Spice way. Decide where you’re heading tonight and sort through the choices or look for the restaurant nearest to where you are staying and head there.
"10 Amazing things about Miami Spice Restaurant"

9. Dessert! Miami Spice menus always include dessert so you don’t have to feel guilty ordering that chocolate strawberries or banana bread pudding – it’s included in the pre fixe price.
"10 Amazing things about Miami Spice Restaurant"

10. Pricey Restaurants Participate. You watch the Food Network and Travel Channel, you’ve read the reviews in the New York Times of our stellar restaurants, but they’re so darn pricey! Miami Spice is your big chance to eat a hearty meal at the buzzed about restaurants of Miami at a fraction of the price.
"10 Amazing things about Miami Spice Restaurant"

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