VIP’S at the Art Basel show in Miami – Miami Design District

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VIP’S at the Art Basel show in Miami
VIP’S at the Art Basel show in Miami

Article written by the Editor-in-chief Dídia Sousa



With a very famous design fair in Miami Beach comes fashion, glamour, luxury and VIP’s. They come together as one because this Art Basel Miami Beach 2014 attracts famous people who want to appreciate what artists all over the world have to offer.

Not only as audience but also as artists stars want to be a part of Art Basel show in Miami so a very exquisite and talented Lady Gaga would not miss this for nothing. She will star a video as the figure in Jacques-Louis David’s 1793 painting The Death of Maratthat and it will be playing at the Art Basel fair. This video can be seen on the Kabinnet sector which is focused on curational featured galleries that have their focus on solo presentations and historic group exhibitions.

VIP’S at the Art Basel show in Miami

And even if they are not present phisically they will be in spirit as an example we can point that Andre’s 3000 jumpsuits will be on displayed at Art Basel Miami Beach 2014. The jumpsuits were used during the string of OutKast in concert and they blew up the fans with a pretty strong phrases like: “Across cultures, darker people suffer most. Why?”

VIP’S at the Art Basel show in Miami

The showcase of the jumpstuits at Art Basel happen by the hand of artist Jimmy O’Neal, filmmaker Greg Brunkalla and 3 Stacks himself.

VIP’S at the Art Basel show in Miami

There is also a film called “Trumpets” that goes alongside the clothes where the images that appear match the phrases on the suits.

Don’t lose this exhibition “I feel ya: SCAD + Andre 3000 Benjamin” it will be at a pop-up museum at the Savannah College of Art and Design through the 7th of December.

And because fairs, fashion and glamour also means party there was a party hosted by David Lynch’s nightclub, Silencio where FKA twigs brought good music into the night and Solange curated a stage. Today James Blake will melancholy shine at art Basel and Saturday the dance exquisite SBKTRKT on Saturday. This concerts are organized by YoungArts Foundation with partnership with MOMA. And in musical terms the fair is full of good vibes.

VIP’S at the Art Basel show in Miami


VIP’S at the Art Basel show in Miami


VIP’S at the Art Basel show in MiamiThere are not only musicians there in the Art Basel fair: Kate Hudson made a subtle appearance at “The Chrome Hearts Celebrates the Miami Project” event, Emily Blunt enter glamorously at the IWC Schaffhausen “Timeless Portofino” gala, Solange Knowles made an appearance in the same event showing that she is there not only for work but also for party and to appreciate the Art Basel fair.

There are not only musicians there in t

Has you can see this fair is all over and everyone is going there. All the ambience of the fair and the people who visit it made it to a brand and the city can market itself for its cultural value and no doubt that Art Basel Miami Beach has helped to this fact.Are you going to miss this Hollywood invasion in Miami? Next Top: Art Basel Miami Beach 2014.


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