Maison et Objet Americas 2015 first preview – Miami Design District

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Maison et Objet Americas 2015 first preview

First of all the blog Miami Design District will show you the first preview of the fair Maison et Objet Americas! Enjoy the video!

Miami Beach – May 12-15, 2015

Maison et Objet started yesterday and is the place to find the best products and ideas in design wold! Now is time to visit Miami one of the most dynamic regions of the world, through new annual events: after Asia and Singapore, which will hold a first session in March 2014, MAISON ET OBJET will settle in at Miami Beach from May 2015. The first edition of the show – May 12-15, 2015 – will impress you!


Miami offers a business platform in the heart of the Americas and their 954 million inhabitants. MAISON ET OBJET AMERICAS aims to propose an annual event for North and South American visitors and professionals. It will bring together a selection of 300 brands representing the upscale spirit that has made MAISON ET OBJET PARIS such a success.



Dates / Opening time

May 12 – 15, 2015

Miami Beach Convention Center

Opening time

From Tuesday to Friday: 10am to 5pm.


Access Badge

The entry badge is strictly personal. It is valid for all 4 days of the show and offers direct access to MAISON ET OBJET AMERICAS.

For the professionals:

Buy the badge online (recommended to avoid lines at show registers)

Free until April 30, 2015 and $45 from May 1 to 15, 2015.

To order a badge, click here (Shop).

Buy the badge at the entrance to the show

$60 for four days of the show, $35 Friday, May 15, 2015

For the general public:

$35 only for a half-day on Friday, May 15, 2015, 12pm-5pm


The Americas

MAISON ET OBJET PARIS plays host to more than 6,000 exhibitors at its biannual Paris event, drawing more than 160,000 trade visitors and 6,000 journalists from around the world to the Parc des Expositions – Paris Nord Villepinte, as it has for nearly 20 years. This trade show, unmatched anywhere in the world, spans nine exhibition halls and more than 260,000 m2 (2,800,00 sq. ft.) net annually, cementing its position as the premiere global showcase for home design and décor. Each year the show has attracted an ever-increasing number of overseas export specialists, and to forge closer ties with these professionals and enable exhibitors to build new and further reaching bridges for growth, SAFI*, the organizer of MAISON ET OBJET PARIS, has announced two new tradeshows: MAISON ET OBJET ASIA (10-13 March 2014 in Singapore) and MAISON ET OBJET AMERICAS (12-15 May 2015 in Miami Beach). Strategically placed geographically to capture the sizable and yet untapped markets of Asia and North and South Americas, the benefits will extend beyond the broadened market, enabling exhibitors to extend their reach into very economically dynamic regions while local and regional designers and manufacturers will have the unique opportunity to present their product to the world via this very well-established international platform. Today, the MAISON ET OBJET community offers four opportunities for events throughout the year and around the world.

International Expansion

The international expansion of MAISON ET OBJET PARIS is part of a long-term global strategy. The event has a solid foundation, true savoir-faire, a superb reputation and a focus and features that meet clearly identified needs. A STELLAR INTERNATIONAL REPUTATION Nearly half of all MAISON ET OBJET PARIS exhibitors and visitors are international, as are two-thirds of the journalists assigned to cover this show exclusively. In some sectors, the proportion of foreign exhibitors can reach 70%. Similarly, sales transactions at the event are primarily for export. The numbers speak for themselves. Since its inception nearly two decades ago, MAISON ET OBJET PARIS has become increasingly international, paralleling the evolution of its content: initially focused on retail markets, it is now decidedly prescriber-market oriented. For the past five years, this change has been even more pronounced, underscoring overseas export exhibitors and buyers. For example, MAISON ET OBJET PARIS is the design and décor show with the largest Japaneseexhibitor community in Europe. As far as buyers go, 30% of the show’s international visitors now represent overseas export. As an international business platform with Parisian roots, MAISON ET OBJET PARIS has become a globally recognized brand with an exclusive identity well known to buyers, specifiers and exhibitors from around the world.A SELECTIVE BUYER DATABASE In both Singapore and Miami Beach, MAISON ET OBJET is forging into known territory: these two cities are the epicentre of markets in which MAISON ET OBJET has a selective database of qualified buyers, each already a MAISON ET OBJET PARIS visitor. The advent of MAISON ET OBJET ASIA and MAISON ET OBJET AMERICAS means the brand is now in their home territory, further strengthening direct communication with them. A FAVORABLE COMPETITIVE ENVIRONMENT The MAISON ET OBJET experience in Singapore and Miami Beach will be unprecedented.

Though it unfolds in synergy with local events, its exclusive dimension is simply unparalleled. LOGISTICAL SUPPORT FROM REED INTERNATIONAL GROUP SAFI, which organizes the MAISON&OBJET PARIS, MAISON&OBJET ASIA and MAISON ET OBJET AMERICAS shows, receives logistical support from Reed Exhibitions (its shareholder with Ateliers d’Arts de France), the world’s leading event organizer (over 500 shows in 45 countries). This local support ensures optimal organizational conditions. SUPPORTING DEVELOPMENT OF INTERNATIONAL VISITATION AND THE MAISON ET OBJET COMMUNITY With the advent of MAISON ET OBJET ASIA and MAISON ET OBJET AMERICAS, MAISON ET OBJET takes the initiative to encounter a professional community of overseas exporters that is already well established and ceaselessly expanding. This community, now locally assembled around a premium exhibition, has easier access to a selection of products and services intended for them alone, offered by companies well versed in export. A superb channel for maintaining close contact with the entire MAISON ET OBJET network, but also as a first step toward the Paris show.


New Markets

These two events are a way for MAISON ET OBJET to support its most export-oriented exhibitors in generating promising business opportunities with retailers, as well as with a broad spectrum of interior designers. The show’s long history provides the reassurance of known interlocutors and clear organisation, paired with proven, high-impact, networking-focused services. IDENTIFYING AND ASSEMBLING EMERGING ACTORS IN DESIGN AND DÉCOR FROM AROUND THE WORLD. For its premiere, MAISON ET OBJET ASIA received 30% off regional exhibitors; half of these had never exhibited in Paris, some not even in their own countries. This treasure trove of local and international discoveries to be made is reminiscent of the unifying standard borne by MAISON ET OBJET PARIS in its infancy. Today, MAISON ET OBJET AMERICAS has set itself the same goal, with already 20% of local exhibitors. The show is unearthing an ever-increasing number of designers to whom MAISON ET OBJET offers a rewarding promotional environment, dovetailing newcomers with established European brands. A TEAM WITH LOCAL SUPPORT To actively promote the show in North, Central and South America, our teams have added local support, welcoming in particular Teresa Laughlin, responsible for press relations, based in New York City; Bob Goodman, our liaison in Miami Beach, in charge of partnerships and public relations; in addition to our agents and liaisons in Mexico, Canada/USA, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, etc. NETWORKING COCKTAIL TOUR IN PREPARATION Providing opportunities to meet journalists, specifiers, department stores, manufacturers, and influential market players to promote the show, these events were an opportunity to host networking evenings in the best locations of the cities chosen. The MAISON ET OBJET AMERICAS road show was held in the fall of 2014. Where? Mexico City (October 18), São Paulo (November 5), Rio de Janeiro (November 8), and Miami (December 4). We will keep you informed as to the upcoming dates and locations in the issues of ‘Bonjour’.

Don’t lose this amazing fair in Miami! You have two days left to enjoy!

For you not to be lost in Miami and also in New York for the fair ICFF, download our city guides here:


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