“Intro” a dome-shaped futuristic installation at Design Miami 2016 – Miami Design District

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“Intro” a dome-shaped futuristic installation at Design Miami 2016

This year Design Miami 2016 will be marked by controversial exhibitions. The “Intro” is a dome-shaped futuristic architecture installation suspended with a deep red leather interior.“Intro” a dome-shaped futuristic installation at Design Miami 2016This project was created by Fabio Novembre as part of the “STANZE: novel living concepts”, an experience dedicated to the “state of interior architecture” at the XXI triennial international exhibition in Milan.
See Also: DESIGN MIAMI 2016 BRINGS ‘NO SEX” EXHIBITION BY ATELIER BIAGETTI“Intro” a dome-shaped futuristic installation at Design Miami 2016This installation is based on the idea of a bedroom, transforming it into the most unspoiled and ancestral shape. The egg shape represents a source of life and renovation.

“Intro” a dome-shaped futuristic installation at Design Miami 2016The outer layer is made of mirrored metal that conceals a warm intensely red leather room. Italian furniture house Natuzzi who specializes in leather and upholstery, join this experience with Novembre to made the interior of the dome , a intricate puzzle of 120 pieces of red leather, stitched by hand.“Intro” a dome-shaped futuristic installation at Design Miami 2016 ‘If you think about it, an egg is like a solidified uterus, and the apparent great difference between oviparous and viviparous species is simply a matter of the consistency of the outer membrane. If we then tried to plunder our remotest amniotic memories, it would be easy to show that our earliest perception of space occurred while we were floating about in the warm hollow of an ovoid form and that every concept of domesticity is geared to recreating that condition.fabio-novembre-natuzzi-stanze-xxi-triennale-milan-19-818x546 intro-18-818x589See also:MIAMI ART BASEL 2016 DESIGN GUIDE I
“However, unlike the gestational sac, the egg retains its formal and aesthetic dignity even after it has carried out its function. Perhaps this is why mankind has always been fascinated by its shape, and why all its vital potential has always been associated with the idea of perfection. Art has celebrated its iconic value, and architecture – especially in the endeavor to predict the future – has seen its ovoid shape as the perfect formal synthesis. I tried to imagine a bedroom made of leather with high-end saddlery fittings inside a chrome eggshell. “
Fabio Novembre on his living concept “INTRO”fabio-novembre-natuzzi-stanze-xxi-triennale-milan-28-818x614

Written by Ana Clara

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