Design News: New pieces in the ICFF 2014 – Miami Design District

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Design News: New pieces in the ICFF 2014

Hi, how are you? Today, Miami Design District have something exclusive to show you about the ICFF 2014. After AD Show and High Point Market, BRABBU comes back to US for another edition of ICFF 2014 in New York City. The brand will be exhibiting its fierce design pieces inspired by nature and world cultures at Booth 1154 from the 17th to the 20th May along with its partners Boca do Lobo, Delightfull and Koket. This will be one of the best design events!

BRABBU is looking forward to its participation in this global design event as each edition surpasses the previous one. And It couldn’t be different as each year the participants present brand new and innovative designs setting the next big design trends. BRABBU will also be exhibiting a set of design pieces for a modern decor. Classy, cozy and cosmopolitan pieces that whisper stories from the world. You must visit this brand in the ICFF 2014 at the Booth 1154.

Despite the color and finishes of the pieces presented, all designs by BRABBU can be customized regarding each client’s needs and personal taste whether the dimension, color or fabric.

See below some pieces classified by Miami Design District as Wanted Design 2014, that you will find in the ICFF 2014 – one of the best design events:

CYGNUS Display
"CYGNUS Display""CYGNUS Display""CYGNUS Display"


"PEARL Sofa" "PEARL Sofa"

KYAN Console
"KYAN Console" "KYAN Console" "KYAN Console"

SOLEIL Wall Light
"SOLEIL Wall Light" "SOLEIL Wall Light"

CYPRES Floor Light
"CYPRES Floor Light" "CYPRES Floor Light" "CYPRES Floor Light"

"KAAMOS Mirror" "KAAMOS Mirror"


DUKONO Armchair
"DUKONO Armchair" "DUKONO Armchair" "DUKONO Armchair"

KOI Side Table
"KOI Side Table" "KOI Side Table"

Hope you did liked my choices and please, don’t forget to subscribe. We will give you more exclusive news from the ICFF 2014. Thank you for following us.

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