Design Miami 2016 brings ‘No Sex” exhibition by Atelier Biagetti – Miami Design District

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Design Miami 2016 brings ‘No Sex” exhibition by Atelier Biagetti

A few week from the start of Design Miami 2016, everyone is keen to know what are the most controversial or remarkable exhibitions that they should visit this year. “NO SEX” art installation will certainly become the talk of the town.Design Miami 2016 brings ‘No Sex” exhibition by Atelier BiagettiThe Milanese Atelier Biagetti ,Alberto Biagetti and Laura Baldassari, is recognized for bringing up subject like contemporary cultural obsessions.Design Miami 2016 brings ‘No Sex” exhibition by Atelier BiagettiTheir latest provocative work, “NO SEX”, responds to the traditionally taboo subject of sex. This exhibition was debuted during Milan design week 2016, and now the “NO SEX” will be displayed by Patricia Findlay at Design Miami 2016.

atelier-biagetti-no-sex-maria-cristina-didero-designboom-10“NO SEX” wants to show us that besides being a not easy subject, it is all around us, subliminally and explicitly through ad campaigns, billboards, available on demand on TV, the internet.atelier-alberto-biagetti-laura-baldassari-no-sex-milan-design-week-2016_dezeen_936_2Atelier Biagetti invites people to take sanctuary from an over-sexualized world inside a surreal clinic featuring pastel pink furniture, clinical curtains and attendants in nurse’s outfits.Atelier Biagetti described their “NO SEX” exhibition as “a sort of innocent pleasure house or even a happy clinic” where people might go to receive treatments or cures to reestablish their sexual equilibrium.Design Miami 2016 brings ‘No Sex” exhibition by Atelier BiagettiThe designers see their design as a reaction against a world where sex is difficult to escape. They claim that virtual sex is taking over from physical sex, and the body has become an “object of ever more manipulation and excess”.‘No Sex” exhibition by Atelier Biagetti‘No Sex” exhibition by Atelier Biagetti“It is a little corner of a sort of transcendental or futuristic paradise which gives us a sense of liberty and of clean, fresh unprejudiced equality,” said Biagetti.

‘No Sex” exhibition by Atelier BiagettiEach object is one-of-a-kind, some of them are and while others are limited editions others are available in open editions. Atelier Biagetti wanted to change the everyday objects, creating relations that provoke a short circuit between the body, the furniture pieces and the home‘No Sex” exhibition by Atelier Biagetti

Written by Olga Correia

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