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"Top Interior Designers in Miami"
Top Interior Designers in Miami: Michele Safra

Hello, how are you? Today, Miami Design District will present you one of the Top Interior Designers in Miami: Michele Safra .

Born in Milan, Michele Safra in child was absorbing all about beauty, learning how to decorate homes in Paris, Brussels, Geneva and Monte Carlo at her mother’s side, also Interior Designer. She turned her sights to design, earning her degree from the New York School of Interior Design and soon founding her company, Michele Safra Interiors. Michele’s artistic roots, global upbringing, and financial expertise give her a distinctive blend of creative, cultural and business sense that’s not often found in the design world. Now, Michele has developed an international clientele for both residential and commercial projects and she is recognized as one of the Best Interior Design in Miami and in the USA. With a multicultural background and a flair for the eclectic, contemporary, and timeless, Michele Safra is dedicated to helping clients create beautiful spaces that resonate with their own unique spirit. You just need to see what she do, the Best Interior Design Projects in Miami have her name! See more about this Miami Interior Designer and some images of Miami Best Projects below:

"Top Interior Designers in Miami" Michele SafraSee also:TOP 50 INTERIOR DESIGNERS IN FLORIDA Michele Safra Michele Safra "Top Interior Designers in Miami"
"Top Interior Designers in Miami" "Top Interior Designers in Miami"

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liandro paniagua
liandro paniagua
8 years ago

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