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Top 50 Interior Designers In Florida
Article Originally Published on November 19, 2015

Miami Design District brings to you one of the most amazing articles! TOP 50 Interior Designers in Florida.
You can find the most glamorous homes, luxury condominiums, and five-star hotels with an incredible jaw-dropping decoration. Meet the best interior designers and architects, from international like Voa or Wimberly Interiors to local design firms, Marc-Michaels Interior Design or  DKOR Interiors, with the highest standards of excellence for your next project.
We show you a list of the amazing and top interior designers located in Florida.


interior design florida, interior design Miami,Marc-Michaels Interior Design Inc. is recognized worldwide as a full-service interior design. Clients who want a highly differentiated product choose Marc-Michaels for artistic and beautiful interiors design.

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Cary Price
Cary Price
8 years ago

Nice list! Although one very impressive interior design firm in South Florida is missing. ID & Design International They are the commercial design firm behind a few of Miami’s most prominent projects such as Miami WorldCenter and One Thousand Museum. Definitely a firm worthy of this list for sure!

liandro paniagua
liandro paniagua
8 years ago

If you need custom made furniture, such as sofas, chairs, beds etc. or reupholstery, call Luis to:
Carporata Furniture Designers
1557 NW 28 St
Miami Fl. 33142

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