The best fashion stores by Peter Marino – Miami Design District

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The best fashion stores by Peter Marino
Today we will take you visit the best fashion stores by Peter Marino.
Marino has become the No.1 designer of the luxury landscape, the man who best understands how to move a customer on any continent through salons full of leather and lipstick and straight to the register.
He knows how to work for any number of competitors—walk down 57th Street near Fifth Avenue: that’s Marino’s Vuitton, ­Marino’s Chanel, Marino’s Christian Dior—while keeping the brand identities intact and the sales figures brisk.
From Dior store to Channel, see the best fashion stores that have the  iconic Marino’s highly modern design scheme:

The best fashion stores by Peter Marino

The luxury windows at  Dior, Avenue Montaigne , Paris

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