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"Miami House"
Most Amazing Celebrity Homes in Miami

Hey there! Today, Miami Design District will show you the Most Amazing Celebrity Homes in Miami.
If you ever wondered what the homes of your favorite celebrity look like, this article gives you an inside tour of the most extravagant celebrity homes in sunny Miami. From Ricky Martin to LeBron James Miami House. We sneak inside of this mind-blowing homes just to show you, see the luxury décor, the amazing gardens or even the swimming pool just their luxury yacht
These celebrities didn’t look to any cost when choosing their dream house.  And in the sunny city of Miami they couldn’t ask for nothing less than spectacular. Celebrity’s love the South Beach of Miami, and building there amazing modern houses, beach houses or surprising colonial style houses.
They like to spend money and they go big when picking the most perfect and most beautiful houses in Miami, se below:

Alex Rodriguez Miami House

"Alex Rodriguez house" "Alex Rodriguez house"Billy Joel Miami House

Celebrity Homes in Miami "Billy Joel house"

Rosie O’Donnell Miami House

"Rosie O'Donnell House"

Cher Miami House

"Cher house"

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Lil Wayne Miami House

Celebrity Homes in Miami

Anna Kournikova Miami House

Celebrity Homes in Miami "Anna Kournikova house"

Vanilla Ice Miami House

"Vanilla Ice"

Ricky Martin Miami House

Celebrity Homes in Miami

LeBron James Miami House

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Did you like any of those luxury houses in Miami? Which one is you favorite? We hope this article inspired you to decorated your home just like your favorite celebrity.
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