Millionaire Safebox – Boca do Lobo – Miami Design District

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"Millionaire Safe"
Millionaire Safebox – Boca do Lobo

Hey there! Today Miami Design District wants to show the real luxury lifestyle. If you think you’ve already saw everything, I’m sure you didn’t. A real luxury lifestyle needs to have a Millionaire safebox in the expensive houses.

Miami Design District love this piece, and have a video to show how millionaires can use this Millionaire safebox. This piece is handcrafted by Boca do Lobo. Boca do Lobo is and European Luxury Furniture brand and have now the private collection. Real luxury lifestyle uses Boca do Lobo for sure. You can have expensive houses, you can have an expensive car but this Millionaire safebox is all that a millionaire can dream and expose in his expensive houses.

Did you liked the video of the Millionaire safebox of Boca do Lobo? Miami have one of the three  Lamborghini Veneno, and it is an very expensive car, but now needs to have this Millionaire safebox. Visit the website of the luxury furniture brand Boca do Lobo.


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