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Miami yacht designer Luiz DeBasto
Miami yacht designer Luiz DeBasto
Luiz DeBasto Designs is a progressive design office based in Miami, an emerging city for international design and art. They are specializes exclusively on creative and innovative design solutions for luxury yachts, custom, production and commercial boats. The company design not only the exteriors but also the interiors of the Yachts which allows them to offer a full service for anyone looking either to build a Yacht or redesign one.Beautiful designs with the total integration between outdoor and indoor living spaces, that is why he is one of most renowned names in the business.
Over the years they have been custom-made to design a wide variety of vessels in terms of size, styling and type. Their in-house computer capabilities provide clients and the yards with a full understanding of the development of the project. They serve a global clientele including individual yacht owners as well as leading boat yards and manufactures.
De Basto Designs offers its services at a global scale. For over 20 years they have been designing anything from small scale private Yachts to big commercial Yachts.

Miami yacht designer Luiz DeBastoM60 SeaFalcon ,project by Mondomarine and Luiz de Basto

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