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Luxury apartment by Kis Interiors Luxury apartment by Kis Interiors 008 bellini apartment kis interior design 900x390
Luxury apartment by Kis Interiors
Today we want to show you a luxury apartment by Kis Interiors, a modern interior design project in a coastal design inspired by the sea and beach near the building. The views toward the ocean are breath taking .
Florida is a state known for its tropical climate, the melting pot of cultures with a slight prevalence of Cuban origin and luxury that is seen in many coastal cities such as the famous Miami Beach.
These characteristics, and more, were key inspirations for Miami-based designer, Guimar Urbina, and her team in this project renovation .
White is the main color in the decoration, beige with turquoise accessories to enhance the whole. The decor invites to relax in peaceful and calm environment.The pristine white walls and bright floor tiles, provides a serene atmosphere to the apartment.
The terrace with sea views, also in a modern design, is that special moment that makes this apartment simply irresistible.

Luxury apartment by Kis Interiors Luxury apartment by Kis Interiors Luxury apartment by Kis Interiors residence familiale decoration design vacances florideLuxurious furnishings for this apartment in Miami

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