Lamboghini Veneno – The Delivery – Miami Design District

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lamborghini veneno
Lamboghini Veneno – The Delivery

Hey people! How are you? Today Miami Design Distric bring to you the new neighbor in Miami and one of the most expensive cars in the world – Lamborghini Veneno! Yes, it’s true that Lamborghini Veneno might cost upward of $4.5 million, and only exist 3! But ne is in Miami, and because Miami Design District is a great blog (eheheh) we have the video from the delivery to Kris Singh (by the way, Kris Singh, I’m single eheh):

Let’s break down where that heady figure comes from, shall we? The Lamborghini Veneno is derived from the Aventador LP700-4’s and is entirely made of carbon fiber, which ain’t cheap. All of its body panels are made from the stuff, too. Inside, nearly everything is rendered from the lightweight material, and the seatbacks are even made from Lamborghini’s unique forged composite material. To this wedge of carbon fiber is bolted the same 740 hp, 6.5-liter V-12 and seven-speed single-clutch ISR automated manual transmission found in the Lamborghini Veneno coupe. The whole shebang rides on a laydown, pushrod-actuated suspension, and despite a full all-wheel-drive system, total dry weight stands at a feathery 3285 pounds. Miami Design District don’t have money to buy one, but we’re working on that! It’s only $4.5 million.. It’s one of the most expensive cars in the world.Kris Singh have one in Miami.

Did you like the car? And the delivery?


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