Fendi’s “The Happy Room” at Design Miami 2016 – Miami Design District

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Fendi’s “The Happy Room” at Design Miami 2016

Fendi’s “The Happy Room” from  presented at Design Miami 2016 was on of most expected exhibitors.The Luxury Italian brand assigned for this project the architect Cristina Celestino, and Maria Cristina Didero. Fendi's “The Happy Room” at Design Miami 2016
The traveling VIP lounge hosts a collection of furnishings inspired on femininity and sophistication were the concept behind this intimate and private space, the pieces make allusion to the rounded silhouettes and pastel color palettes of the glamorous 1950s era.
See also: MIAMI DESIGN WEEK IRREVEREN FURNITURE DESIGNFendi's “The Happy Room” at Design Miami 2016According to Cristina Celestino, the pieces were inspired by Fendi’s design staples, which she borrowed inspiration from, in addition to fabrics, furs and marbles taken from the house’s atelier.Fendi's “The Happy Room” at Design Miami 2016Fendi's “The Happy Room” at Design Miami 2016A surprising combination of materials is assumed all over the collection of twelve design objects: tables, desks, lighting, and interior accessories mixed of brass, fur and glass, crafting a fresh  “elegant design”.fendi-the-happy-room-design-miami-designboom-06Through the character of the collection’s simple volumes and rounded shapes, Celestino finely suggests some of the fashion house’s trademark motifs and visual themes, drawing from FENDI’s distinctive mix of materials and unique fur workmanship.fendi-the-happy-room-design-miami-designboom-08See also: DESIGN MIAMI 12TH EDITION HIGHLIGHTSfendi-the-happy-room-design-miami-designboom-15

Pietro Beccari, Fendi’s chairman and chief executive officer, said that the decision to choose Cristina Celestino, was easy “she has perfectly translated our Fendi codes into a truly sophisticated and feminine collection of design pieces that show a unique personality and a whispered luxury, expressed through the skillful use of materials and new techniques, like the fur under resin, geometrical shapes, chromatic play, marble and glass inlays, all elements very much in common with us.”fendi-the-happy-room-design-miami-designboom-16

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