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In an exclusive interview discussing the revamped image of KOKETJanet Morais founder of Koket, tells us everything about the new designs and the future of the most seductive furniture company in the world. The luxury  furniture brand has recently unveiled over ten new designs channeling a new direction for the brand at Decorex International. Janet Morais founder of KoketTell us about the KOKET brand?

Janet Morais: KOKET is more than a luxury furniture brand, but a representation of empowerment and desire. My mission with KOKET has always been to empower and seduce with daring design, all while giving women the ability to express their true style.Janet Morais founder of KoketThe geometric design and exotic finishes of the Opium cabinet will seduce you into a euphoric haze.

Why have you revamped KOKETs look for 2016?

Janet Morais: After about 5 years of success, I felt KOKET needed something to keep the brand allure and momentum growing. It became time to raise the bar within not only the collection, but the company, encompassing all aspects of the brand.

Janet Morais founder of KoketTry not to get handsy with the flirty and modern design of the Nahema chair.
What inspirations did you draw on for this new look?

Janet Morais: A lot of my inspirations are the same, especially the influence of Art Deco and oriental design. I looked through a lot of vintage design archives, pulling designs from different eras then adding the opulent KOKET touch.Janet Morais founder of KoketIt is hard to miss the stylish radiance the glows around the Luna bench.
What is different and what is similar about these new pieces compared to the previous pieces?

Janet Morais: This new collection differs in that the pieces are not as inventive and elaborate as the icons of the Guilty Pleasures collection. Instead of large, ornamental details I chose to focus on the timelessness of the design while still applying the seductive KOKET touch. I believe we have become established enough as a brand to apply a more mature design approach.Janet Morais founder of KoketYou chose to unveil new pieces that embody KOKETs new direction at Decorex International in London. Why?

Janet Morais: The London design scene is edgy and receptive to confidence. My new collection carries an air of confidence that wasn’t there in the beginning. London is the perfect place to unleash this new assurance. Also, it is not enough to unveil a piece of furniture or a collection, people want to experience it. London provided the perfect venue for guests to get up close and personal with the new collection.Janet Morais founder of KoketSee also:EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH TOP INTERIOR DESIGNER TRACI CONNELL
Tell us the inspiration behind Metal Rage

Janet Morais: Metal Rage was inspired by the resurgence of punk chic and shimmering sultry quality of metallics. Capturing the exotic beauty of rebellion.

What is your favorite new piece and why?

Janet Morais: My overall favorite is the Bolvardi Bench, but out of the new pieces I would have to say the Luna. Her design is simply radiant, with the bold curved arms, and the shimmering metallic reptile leather is to die for!Janet Morais founder of KoketThe Roxy chandelier is just as thrilling and desirable as her name implies.

KOKET is known for their use of exotic and quality materials. Where any new materials or design styles used on the new pieces and if so what/which?

Janet Morais: This collection shows traces of mid-century modern design, like in the Sofia sofa, that is not commonly used in the KOKET aesthetic. We also played with tempered glass, seen in the Amaretto sconce and chandelier, which was a new material for us but turned out stunning.Janet Morais founder of KoketSvelte lines and a feminine silhouette captures the less-is-more design of the Naomi chair.

What is your favorite part of the design process?

Janet Morais: Not just creating a piece of furniture, but an experience. I aim to cultivate desire within my clients with each piece I make.Janet Morais founder of KoketGet wrapped up in the rhythmic design of the Ribbon dining table.

What can we expect from KOKET in the future?

Janet Morais: KOKET is taking a mature approach to the future, in design and audience. I want to continue designing pieces for the modern, confident woman, that will make a statement while fulfilling the client’s needs. And of course KOKETs signature black and gold combination is here to stay.Janet Morais founder of Koket

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