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britto charette Britto Charette Contemporary Oceanfront Residence cover 1
Britto Charette Contemporary Oceanfront Residence
Britto Charette are an highly creative team that creates timeless interiors as a demand for global luxury and modern design. Mixing classic design with modern interiors by the latest trends in global fashion, they have being creating luxurious spaces in the US and international.
Britto Charette designing Regalia residence an amazing project that the office is really proud about.
Ocean beachfront house in this amazing high rise located between Sunny Isles and Golden Beach, Florida.  Regalia is comprised of 7600 square feet, including 2100 square feet of wraparound balcony that provides breathtaking views.
They enjoyed every aspect of planning and executing the design experience. The client asked for create movement within the 4-bedroom/5-bath residence by removing several existing walls and room dividers.
They also worked with the client to scale the furnishings to provide a warm and welcoming feel within the spacious interior.

Britto Charette britto charette Britto Charette Contemporary Oceanfront Residence Green17 S3 1200x732Contemporary decor with a modern choice of materials and furniture.

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