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Last week, we´ve revealed the first 25 interior designers from a curated selection of Top 100 Interior Designers made by Boca do Lobo, in partnership with Coveted Magazine. Today, it´s time to keep discovering the fascinating world of interior design and luxury furniture, by the hands of iconic personalities and influential leaders in the field.

26 – RAMY FISCHLERTOP 100 INTERIOR DESIGNERS BY BOCA DO LOBO & COVETED MAGAZINE - PARTIIDesigner Ramy Fischler’s firm RF Studio has recently completed the refurbishing of a duplex apartment in a listed building on Place de Colombie, in Paris’ 16th arrondissement, France. Boasting its own garden and street entrance, this exceptional pied-à-terre is situated in the 1930’s Art Deco residential complex known as the ‘Walter Buildings’ (named after its architect Jean Walter). Like a skilful magician, Fischler’s artful transformation combines traditional elements with forward-thinking design interventions, creating a multi-layered interior that reinvents the apartment’s history and original aesthetic, firmly rooting it into the present day, as a result.

27 – BRENDAN WONG DESIGNTOP 100 INTERIOR DESIGNERS BY BOCA DO LOBO & COVETED MAGAZINE - PARTIIClients seek our unparalleled expertise to transform their houses into exquisite homes. Signature to every project is the partnering of an elegant aesthetic with a functionality that transcends the years. Brendan Wong design studio has developed a reputation for superior client service and seamless delivery of projects nationwide.

28 – STUDIO ILSETOP 100 INTERIOR DESIGNERS BY BOCA DO LOBO & COVETED MAGAZINE - PARTIIIlse Crawford is a designer and creative director with a simple mission to put human needs and desires at the centre of all that she does. As founder of Studio Ilse, together with her multi-disciplinary team, she creates environments where humans feel comfortable; public spaces that make people feel at home and homes that are habitable and make sense for the people who live in them.

29 – MARTIN ARCHITECTSTOP 100 INTERIOR DESIGNERS BY BOCA DO LOBO & COVETED MAGAZINE - PARTIIMA has specialised in high-end residential and commercial design. The practice has long-standing working relationships with a wide range of skilled consultants and a record of delivering quality design and construction on time and within budget. There are no design limits to any single project type, preferring rather tailor proposals to the unique requirements of individual clients and their project conditions.


ZOOI design studio is a boutique of interior design specialized in retail, residential & commercial interior design. The philosophy is simple: their job – is their life, enjoying every detail of it. ZOOI design has worked closely with architects, projects managers & construction teams, running & administering Interiors projects, and interior components of large architectural projects.

31 – SERGEY MAKHNOTOP 100 INTERIOR DESIGNERS BY BOCA DO LOBO & COVETED MAGAZINE - PARTIISergey Makhno is a modern designer, founder and director of Sergey Makhno Architects. Creating collections of unique objects, builds, hotels, cottage towns, he implements interior spaces for apartments, restaurants, offices and boutiques with his personally designed furniture and décor elements. The main directions for Makhno Architects are contemporary minimalism, eclecticism, and loft styles.

32 – GILLES BOISSIERTOP 100 INTERIOR DESIGNERS BY BOCA DO LOBO & COVETED MAGAZINE - PARTIIPatrick Gilles and Dorothée Boissier are opposites that attract. Joyfully engaged in constant, creative disagreement, they find inspiration: more, it’s precisely this ceaseless game of verbal and mental ping-pong that gives form to their ideas. Partners in life and in design, each one has a specific role and style, but together they form a unified whole. If strict lines and a distinctive taste for fine woods can be attributed to Patrick Gilles, Dorothée, on her end, has a way with spatial fluidity, colours and intuitive elegance. It is this distinctive approach that has paved their road to success, with commissions all over the world.

33 – ROCKWELL GROUPOver the past 30 years, Rockwell Group has carved out a unique role encompassing multiple ideas, design styles, clients and project types. Inspired by theatre, technology, and high-end craft, the firm creates a unique narrative for each project, ranging from restaurants, hotels, airport terminals, and hospitals, to festivals, museum exhibitions, and Broadway sets. A strong commitment to exploring and experiment resulted in the formation of the LAB at Rockwell Group, a design innovation studio that blends technology, architecture, strategy, and storytelling.

34 – ERIC COHLERAcclaimed for his distinctive ability to fuse classic and contemporary elements, Eric Cohler was dubbed the original “Mixmaster” by Traditional Home Magazine. Designing spaces that look carefully composed yet are luxuriously comfortable – believing in putting “living” back into the living room. Cohler’s extensive experience in both residential and commercial interiors is seen in projects everywhere.

35 – ABBIE DE BUNSENEnthusiastic yet deeply professional, Abbie de Bunsen delivers chic, refined interiors majoring in luxurious finishes, with occasional bursts of daring colour or modern geometric. ‘I believe good design can stimulate, comfort and excite the spirit,’ she says. Abbie is justifiably popular among her design conscious international clientele, and a whizz at mixing twentieth-century antiques with curated art.

36 – KEN FULKEvent planner, interior designer, and bon vivant Ken Fulk is a master of manoeuvring between the various spheres of San Francisco society, from blue blood to newly minted Silicon Valley tech titans and beyond. He knows intimately how today’s high-tech masters of the universe look for when it comes to their homes – and what they’re looking for isn’t necessarily the newest gadgets or the latest fads.

37 – LIZA RACHEVSKAYA INTERIORSLiza Rachevskaya Interiors is a design studio focusing on exclusive residential and commercial interior design projects in Moscow and St. Petersburg. They’re a team of successful professionals in the field of architecture, decoration, lighting and textile design. Liza Rachevskaya Interiors offers high-end, timeless projects with signature bold and an elegant classic contemporary style.

38 – STEVEN VOLPESteven Volpe approach projects with a spirit of collaboration with their clients, interpreting their dreams and ideas into something real and liveable. They strive to constantly infuse their design process with new elements informed by their travels, study and the ever-changing world around us. Their artisans and craftsmen, extensive resources and continual foraging all play an integral role in developing each project. The results are as unique and inspired projects.

39 – ANEMONE WILLE VÜGEAnemone Wille Våge, one of Norway’s most recognized interior designers. She runs the company Wille Interior AS in Oslo, which has been responsible for the interior design of several new constructions and remodelling projects. She started out with editorial work for interior magazines as a stylist. Today she has her own company whose focus is both on private and commercial projects. Anemone Wille Våge, one of Norway’s most recognized interior designers, has created a distinctive universe in her project of interior design that plays on contrasts – contrasts between light and shade, between classic and modern, between warmth and cold, outside and inside. Wille Våge has designed several hotels and restaurants, including the new Hotell Post in Gothenburg, the venerable Theatercafeen in Oslo and Eik Annen Etage.

40 – CASA DO PASSADIÇOIn this privileged space, Catarina Rosas, Cláudia Soares Pereira and Catarina Soares Pereira, dedicate their work to the interior design since 1992. The current, cosmopolitan, comfortable and elegant style is always present in the environments they create. All elements are all allied in harmony to conceive actual and refined interiors, in which the comfort and distinction are preserved.

41 – AMELIE STUDIOInterior design studio AMELIE — is a company of experienced designers and architects. They design interiors of flats and houses in Kyiv since 2009 and provide their clients with the services of a professional construction crew. They also provide architectural supervision on our projects and choose high-quality finishing materials and design elements, coordinating with the customer on all stages of design.

42 – ARTWORK DESIGN GROUPArtWork Design Group – a team of designers and architects who create original and high-quality interior design projects of residential and public buildings, the design of the facades of buildings, landscape and graphic design. Since 2011 they have succeeded not only in interior design but also in other industries related to design and architecture.

43 – MALLINA STUDIOStudio of modern design Malina is a professional team ready to implement even the most complex projects. We will create for you exclusive copyright, exclusive in their originality design project. It will be designed individually, according to the tastes and wishes of the customer, taking into account all of the latest trends and innovations.

44  – INDIA MAHDAVIIndia Mahdavi studio is known for the diversity of its international projects. The interiors she creates are elegant, fluid, and reflect the essence of their location.Her signature has become a reference for renowned hotels and restaurants such as Condesa DF in Mexico, Hotel on Rivington in New York, Monte Carlo Beach in Monaco, L’Apogée Courcheval co-signed with Joseph Dirand and restaurant The Gallery at the sketch in London.

45 – PHILIPPE STARCKPhilippe Starck is a French designer known since the start of his career in the 80s for his interior, product, industrial and architectural design including furniture and objects that have simple but inventive structures.
A career with 10,000 creations, global fame and tireless protean inventiveness should never overshadow the essential. Starck has a mission, a vision: that creation, whatever form it takes, must improve lives of as many people as possible. With over 30 years of career in design, Starck has many restaurant and hotel projects to his credit, including the Royalton in New York, the Delano in Miami designed in 1995 and the Mondrian in Los Angeles.

46 – NLO DESIGNNLO Design Studio believes that the perfect space has no restrictions and stereotypes. It is the embodiment of our physical and spiritual needs, our comfort and the feeling of realizing our desires. NLO Design has no boundaries or limits when it comes to expanding horizons.

47 – U-STYLE STUDIOThe u-style studio creates beautiful interiors and new thoughts. A team of professionals working together, they listen to their clients, all of their wishes, feelings and emotions which are very important for them. In the process of drafting the application, the designer will take into account all their wishes. They work in any range from the functional minimalism to the highest degree of luxury.

48 – IHOME STUDIODesign studio has been creating design projects for a long time. They have already successfully prepared a large number of design projects each project can be considered original and unique. Their studio can apply a variety of materials and technologies, as well as the use of any design styles.

49 – DESIGN STUDIO CORNERDesign Studio Corner deals with many branches in the design and manufacture. They are focused on the implementation of innovative ideas not only on paper but in life. There is nothing more beautiful than to give people a sense of comfort and originality of the most valuable that is our personal space. Their designers are a mix of artists and architects

50 – OITO EM PONTOOitoemponto* emerged in 1993 from the perfect alchemy between two strikingly different but terribly complementary personalities. Together, the two designers have already created sublime décors for dozens of lucky people. Each production is the fruit of long hours of coordination during which the lifestyle of the client is examined in minute detail in order to create an optimum match for their needs and wishes. The result is a subtle mixture of the owners’ tastes and the incomparable talent of Jacques Bec and Artur Miranda. Unique places, at once refined and convenient to live in, bright and discreet, modern and timeless.

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