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tommy hilfiger’s miami home

Today we will go just outside Miami, to Dee and Tommy Hilfiger vibrant and groovy-chic house designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard. This is a visit that you don’t want to miss.
Tommy and Dee Hilfiger wife have settled five-bedroom house on a beachfront just north of Miami with a home interior design defined by an amazing décor.

tommy hilfiger's colorful miami home tommy hilfiger's colorful miami home

“We’re here for the weather, the Latin flavor, the art, and the palm trees. Most of all we’re here for the fun,” says Tommy.
Hilfiger purchased the Raleigh hotel in Miami Beach, and he plans to refurbish the Art Deco gem starting in 2015.tommy hilfiger's colorful miami home tommy hilfiger's colorful miami home
For the couple size was crucial, as they want to have space for their extensive art collection that had long been held in storage.

tommy hilfiger's colorful miami home

“Our Connecticut home feels very country, with lots of taxidermy, and our place in Mustique has a more British Colonial vibe. We wanted to be able to showcase the colorful large-scale artworks that didn’t make sense elsewhere, conceptually or size-wise,” Dee explains, from Pop and post-Pop treasures by Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin, and others.

tommy hilfiger's colorful miami home

To design this artistic project they called the interior designer and friend Martyn Lawrence Bullard.”Tommy and Dee obviously have an incredible sense of fashion, so my job was to translate their vision into interior spaces that feel vibrant and compelling,” says Bullard.
“Together, we conceived the house as part art gallery and part 1960s–’70s disco madness.”tommy hilfiger's colorful miami home

tommy hilfiger's colorful miami home

“I told Martyn, ‘If it’s not shagadelic or groovy, it’s not coming into the house'” Mrs. Hilfiger said, and we couldn’t agreed more.

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