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Shades of Gray for Luxury Interiors Design Inspiration

Shades of Gray are  often associated with motionlessness and dullness, has fast grown in popularity among stylists. In fact, Pantone has selected “Sharkskin” as a gray color trend for this season. The cool tone works in any space from the bedroom to the living room and serves as a beautiful framework for many styles of furnishings.Grey was largely classified as the absence color for centuries. It was a hue that was relegated to functional objects like peasant clothing, battle ammunition and painted on basement floors to hide filth.  Only with the start of photography and towers did artists really capture the luxury of grey. Today it is complimented by other shades such as silver or bronze and evokes a sophisticated ambiance. Take a look at these Shades of Gray!Shades of Gray for Luxury Interiors Design InspirationThe silent power of grey in interior design is undeniable and is a useful modern design element.Shades of Gray for Luxury Interiors Design InspirationThe luxury bedroom decor all in grey Shades of Gray for Luxury Interiors Design InspirationA grey scale project with a stunning marble nightstand  
Shades of Gray for Luxury Interiors Design Inspiration
Gray is the color of intellect, knowledge, and wisdom.
See also: MODERN LIVING ROOMS ELEGANT AND CLEAN LINESdesign-inspiration-17-shades-of-gray-for-luxury-interiors-1With the warmer months fast approaching, designers looking into cooler tones have used the versatile neutral to create rooms ranging from edgy to serene. design-inspiration-17-shades-of-gray-for-luxury-interiors-2Shades of Gray for Luxury Interiors Design InspirationGrey is also often used as an innocuous background element but can be a very powerful design concept on it’s own. design-inspiration-17-shades-of-gray-for-luxury-interiors-3Forget white and peach, when it comes to neutrals, grey is your must-use shade.

As we look forward to warmer days, expect to see grey in everything. this color mood is just perfect for luxury interiors, don’t you agree!

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