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"How to Decorate a House for Summer in Miami"
How to Decorate a House for Summer in Miami

Hi, how are you? Today, Miami Design District will show you how to decorate a house for summer in Miami.

If you are tired of the bored decoration we need to feel get some inspiration this summer, because summer decor ideas are easy.  Do you have a Miami beach house, or would you like your apartment to feel like a Miami beach house? I have some nice easy summer decor ideas to take advantage of all summer has to offer.

"How to Decorate a House for Summer in Miami"

First of all, you need to take a look to your furniture. Spring and summer scream for light and airy colors and I bet you only have dark colors.  Use removable slipcovers, or decorative throws to bring bursts of color and brightness. Prefer whites and neutrals? White and khaki slipcovers are casual but can be dressed up with formal throw pillows in an instant.
"How to Decorate a House for Summer in Miami"

My second tip goes to the drapery. Drapery is trash in the summer. If you want to get the best Miami summer decoration you need to use curtains to leave the heat from Miami outside. If you prefer to savor the views, and not cover up the windows use valances. Valances in summer textures and colors will leave your windows looking finished, with an obstructed view.
"How to Decorate a House for Summer in Miami"

Now you need to put a fresh air inside of your Miami Vacations House.  Flowers, plants and fresh fruit centerpieces make your home smell aromatic and look beautiful. For a more rustic feel, try bringing in eco-friendly materials like bamboo, hemp, and jute area rugs. These materials bring an exotic and natural feeling of the outdoors in.
"How to Decorate a House for Summer in Miami"

We’re not done yet! What better way to welcome summer into your home, than looking at a breathtaking view? Open the windows and enjoy your ocean view, pool, or lush green yard. Don’t love the view from your windows? Consider buying a summer painting or wall decor that you love the look and feel of.
"How to Decorate a House for Summer in Miami"

And my last tip goes to our lovely kids. In summer, they love to be around the house! Make summer time arts and crafts projects with seashells, pine cones, and nature inspired finds, which the kids can pick out. Those projects can turn into Miami summer decoration that you display proudly around your home!
"How to Decorate a House for Summer in Miami"

Miami summer décor ideas are all about finding the right balance between enjoyment, relaxing, and livable interiors. Send me some picks of your projects and I will be glad to share with our followers. Don’t forget to subscribe Miami Design District!

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