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2017 Bedroom trends: Wall Texture Ideas

There are millions of colors that you can choose for your interior walls. this will be a great 2017 bedroom trends, textured walls have become a growing trend because they can take on a myriad of aesthetics from fine linen to bold geometric forms. If you are looking for a way to change your interior bedroom design with wall textures, this article will give you the best home decor ideas regarding textures and materials.2017 Bedroom trends: Wall Texture IdeasThis bright and spacious room channels its playful style. In these examples, the textured accent wall can be used as an headboard for an integrated floor-to-ceiling effect, a very balanced aesthetic for tall bedrooms. The final result is really beautiful.

2017 Bedroom trends: Wall Texture IdeasFrom its classic legs, to its sleek and clean lines, the Diamond nightstand design is set on being timeless. wall textures Elegant Bedroom Wall Texture Ideas for 2017 From its modern shape to its sleek and clean lines the Diamond Nightstand s design is set on being timeless2017 Bedroom trends: Wall Texture IdeasThis is a luxurious room with a dark wood panels creates a unique statement. The walls are original and the lighting creates a mysterious atmosphere.2017 Bedroom trends: Wall Texture IdeasUsing multiple varieties of wood leaves room for flexibility if you decide to change the furniture or floors. But you have to pay attention when you’re choosing the woods. The main goal of this kind of room is to create a harmonious space.2017 Bedroom trends: Wall Texture IdeasConcrete, pinstripes, and rough wooden boards make for a fanciful layered wall behavior. This bright and rustic design could serve as fantastic inspiration if you’re looking for a way to use reclaimed or unusual materials. Certainly, you will get an original room!

2017 Bedroom trends: Wall Texture IdeasThese concrete walls are highly finished, yet retain the original form holes for character and urban savor. The lighting helps this weighty material look light as air and the we are attentive to the textural details that make this bedroom pop.2017 Bedroom trends: Wall Texture IdeasIn this room, the large panels offer a sharp and clutter-free approach to texture. The gorgeous Asian-inspired latticework that we can see bleeds bright gold leafing into the recesses of the integrated storage cabinets.

2017 Bedroom trends: Wall Texture IdeasUpholstery is a great source of texture and it’s always a good idea to create innovative spaces. The upholstered wall in this bedroom actually wraps around the room to cover part of the ceiling. The final result is a territory of comfort where we desire to sleep!

top-bedroom-wall-textures-ideas-pastel-roomHoneycomb on glossy concrete, deep layers of wood and tile and plaster: these strange combinations are unusual but hugely inspiring. The natural light of the room creates an inviting ambiance.top-bedroom-wall-textures-ideas-dark-roomThis is dark and elegant room. Use rich wood is a good solution for those who want to warm things up with a touch of texture and create minimalist spaces.top-bedroom-wall-textures-ideas-pastel-roomTo finish, we present you this lighter bedroom that offers a beautiful contrast between plush fabric and glass wall treatments. The result is a clean bedroom in pastel tones that transmits a delicate and feminine sensation.

What do you think about these bedroom suggestions? Let us know which one is your favorite on comments below.

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