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Top 5 fancy shops for halloween

The Halloween is coming and you don’t know where to buy your costume? Grab a coffee and go shopping the best outfit for this terrifying night.

And London have the greatest parties & you cannot miss them!
The real question is – Where to buy a costume in London ?  

1. Mad World Fancy Dress and Costume Hire


@photos by TimeOut

35000 costumes, but don’t worry, the staff will help you find the perfect outfit for you.
where? HERE !



@photos by Prangsta

Ready-made costumes, a helpful staff. 18th century outfits are their high point!
where? HERE !

3. Angels


@photos by Angels

Unparalleled quality, handmade costumes, they create costumes for films over the years.
where? HERE !

4. The Costume Studio


@photos by The Costume Studio

Excellent, high-quality costume. Inspired by film costumes.
where? HERE !

5. Beyond Retro


@Photos by Beyond Retro

” it caters for the festival teen, the trendy twenty-something and the shrewd, more mature, fashionista. For both men and women, this branch offers one of the widest selection of retro-wear in London, all under one roof.” by TimeOut
where? HERE !

 Parties you cannot miss! Check in here!

Have you already choose your costume?
Tell us what the best costume of this Halloween!

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