Renzo Piano’s residential tower on Miami Beach – Miami Design District

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Renzo Piano’s residential tower on Miami Beach

Renzo Piano Building Workshop is set to begin his first residential project in the USA, the glass-sheathed tower in Miami Beach.Eighty-Seven-Park_Renzo-Piano_dezeen_1568_11
“The site which is the last piece of land north of North Shore Park at the limit of the city of Miami Beach, is an amazing and unique site, almost suspended between the sea and the park,” said Renzo Piano.Eighty-Seven-Park_Renzo-Piano_dezeen_1568_16

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“The idea was to enhance the presence of the green spaces of the existing park by extending the trees to the northern limit of the city of Miami Beach.”
“This prestigious site was also a very good reason and an appropriate opportunity for RPBW to finally come to Miami.” said the architectEighty-Seven-Park_Renzo-Piano_dezeen_1568_19Eighty-Seven-Park_Renzo-Piano_dezeen_1568_18
“Eighty Seven Park is more than a building, it’s a landmark for Miami Beach, the first residential building in the US by master architect Renzo Piano,” said a statement on the Eighty Seven Park marketing website. “Home to 70 villas suspended in the clear ocean light, his fluid design brings together architecture, design and natural landscape.”Eighty-Seven-Park_Renzo-Piano_dezeen_1568_25

“From the architect’s original sketch, of simple lines rising above the trees, the design of the building and the outdoor spaces were considered as one. The linear private gardens and the elliptical architecture are in quiet dialogue; playing off one another to harmonious effect.”Eighty-Seven-Park_Renzo-Piano_dezeen_1568_111

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Renzo Piano's residential tower on Miami Beach

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