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"Abandoned houses in Miami"
Must see those abandoned places in Miami

Today Miami Design District will show you a the most incredible abandoned places in Miami.
Florida might be best known for the incredible beaches and the lively night life, but there’s a side of the city that is hidden away, mysterious and fascinate at the same time.
From abandoned mansions rumored to be the haunts of mafia dons to 19th century forts, the abandoned architecture of the Sunshine State reveals some charming stories about the region’s history.
We always looking for reasons why someone leave a place behind.  Some places may have been in the path of destruction due to natural reason others may have just run their course with a declining population that sooner or later leads to abandonment.

No matter what the reason behind why places are abandoned, people are always curious to explore these empty places and but full of mysteries that are hidden.
There is something scary and maybe romantic about being alone in a place that once was full of live and people

Whether you find them beautiful or scary, there is something eccentrically interesting about each one.
The most of them are houses and we are looking also for abandoned cars in Miami.

Do you know where I can find some of them?
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Follow the images that I found of some abandoned places in Miami:
abandoned places in Miami"Abandoned houses in Miami" "Abandoned houses in Miami" abandoned places in Miami "Abandoned houses in Miami" "Abandoned houses in Miami" abandoned places in Miami "Abandoned houses in Miami"

It’s very sad to see beautiful building abandoned in Miami like this. Do you know more abandoned things in Miami? Share with Miami Design District. Don’t forget to subscribe!
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