Modern Coastal style home in Miami – Miami Design District

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Modern Coastal style home in Miami
Today we excited to share with you a splendid modern coastal style home in Miami just a few steps from beach, designers Ivonne Ronderos and Margaret Smith Logan and DKor interiors were the responsible team to find inspiration to design this dream home.
The owners were energetically involved in the design process, they were looking for something contemporary and elegant, but off course with a relax and calm beach feel, and that unified some aspects of more classic style to attain a warm environment.
The collaboration between the designers, architect Carlos A. Martin, and builders Robert Mayer and Jay Lefka, was crucial to achieve the warm and modern home with natural light from any given spot.
The design team was inspired by regular trips to Milan’s annual furniture fair, Salone del Mobile, this encouraged the designers to select elegant Italian furniture, as well as the use of warm, colorful accent metals such as brass over colder materials like chrome.

Modern Coastal style home in Miami modern coastal style home in Miami Modern Coastal style home in Miami 3d6d5858c918c33b8e7662dc0e6b5773The living room furniture and surfaces material, the home’s interior details create sense of movement or of floating.

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