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"miami celebrity houses"
Miami is officially a first-class place to live

Hi, how are you? Today, Miami Design District have notice that Miami is officially a first-class place to live! That’s why so many world-known celebrities now are living in Miami. Miami was named for the second consecutive year in Christie’s International Real Estate report detailing the top 10 luxury properties in the world for 2013. Do you already sae the celebrity homes in Miami?

"Lil wayne Miami House"
Lil Wayne Miami House
"Lil wayne Miami House"
Lil Wayne Miami House


Miami’s average square foot price for luxury homes was $559 in 2013 compared with $4,683 in London (the highest on the list) and $829 in San Francisco (the lowest of the ten markets profiled). Several things distinguish Miami from the other markets: the cultural offerings, the beautiful weather and the values that Miami have to offer.

"Enrique Iglesias Miami House"
Enrique Iglesias Miami House
"Enrique Iglesias Miami House"
Enrique Iglesias Miami House


Luxury properties – defined by most Miami realtors at $2 million and higher – are aligned in value similar to fine art and high-end collectibles as opposed to the general housing market, he said. Last year, EWM International sold a $1-million-plus condo or single-family home on average every 17 hours (totaling 532 properties), Mr. Shuffield said.

"birdman miami house"
Birdman Miami House

Miami is a multi-cultural community on a gorgeous coastline with beautiful weather year-round. It is home to the best nightlife, beaches, sport teams and restaurants in the world, and we have no state income taxes. These factors appeal to individuals to live here and companies to headquarter here.

"Al Capone Miami House"
Al Capone Miami House

Luxury residential homes in Miami (defined in Christie’s report as starting at $1 million) sold at a faster pace in 2013 than in 2011 and 2012. The people who are buying such luxurious housing are coming from Latin America as well as other parts of the US, Mr. Shuffield said, adding that people who can afford to live anywhere are coming to Miami.

"Versace's Miami House"
Versace’s Miami House

Roughly 1,000 single-family homes and 1,300 condos/townhouses for sale in Miami-Dade County are priced over $1 million. In North Miami Beach they are building a building that you can literally drive your car into an elevator that takes you directly into your living room, how cool is that? For great schools and family-oriented neighborhoods, I’d recommend looking in Village of Palmetto Bay, The Falls or Coral Gables. If you’re an art lover, I’d guide you to Wynwood or Coconut Grove. If you like beaches and coastline, there are plenty of opportunities in Miami Beach and North Beach that are well below $1 million.

That’s why Miami is one of the Best Luxury Places to live! Thank you, and please don’t forget to Subscribe Miami Design District!

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