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Best Kitchen design ideas

Nowadays people spend each more time to decorate their kitchens. Combining the kitchen and dining room to create a kitchen diner is the perfect way to create a space that’s perfect for cooking, socializing and relaxing.

We have some great design ideas for you, to inspire you in every dish you made. Because, even the dishes sometimes are pieces of art! And everyone has an artist inside him.

Best Kitchen design ideas 12
An L-shaped layout is ideal for defining a dining area. The Pilaster kitchen by Smallbone of Devizes starts at £40,000.


Best Kitchen design ideas 22
The curvature of the island cleverly incorporates a circular dining table in this Broadoak kitchen by Second Nature. From £12,000.


Best Kitchen design ideas 32
A central dining table doubles as an island. Handmade kitchens by Dovetail cost from £20,000.


Best Kitchen design ideas 42
Martin Moore’s English kitchen, hand-painted with granite worktops, from £35,000.


Best Kitchen design ideas 52
A change in worktop provides subtle definition on the island of this Original kitchen by Harvey Jones, from £18,000.
Best Kitchen design ideas 61
A beautiful chandelier makes a feature of the dining area in this bespoke design by Evitavonni, with prices for complete cabinetry and work surfaces from £70,000.


Best Kitchen design ideas 71
Kit Stone’s Chichester painted kitchen is a classic painted style, designed to complement a traditional home.

All the London Design Bloggers want to renovate the kitchen!! Do you have the same desire I have? Do you want your kitchen white ou black?

See more at: Period Living – they have great articles*

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