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Inspired by the Pantone‘s key color trends for 2017, the luxury furniture brand, KOKET enters in the new year with an exquisite collection of pieces that will ravish the more sensitive and delicate  cosmopolitan women as well as the femme fatale. From bright and vivid to earthy and soft, next year’s choices are hopeful and happy, just like some of the KOKET’s patterns of fabrics, wall-coverings, and decor items. Taking a cue from Pantone´s Spring 2017 Color Report, we collected our favorite colors of the upcoming year and added our own predictions from trendsetter and KOKET Creative Director, Janet Morais.

Primrose YellowCOLOR TRENDS FOR 2017 BY KOKETKOKET‘s Guilt MirrorBloom Gold LeatherMandy Stool and Chandra Chair

By contrast, Primrose Yellow is bright and cheerful, with a warm undertone that keeps it from looking highlighter bright. This color is perfect for upholstery pieces, like a chair or a sofa, thanks to its warm appearance.FlameCOLOR TRENDS FOR 2017 BY KOKET

KOKET‘s Nymph Chandelier and Besame Chair

Flame is the only orange-toned color predicted for Spring. Flamboyant and vivacious, this orange-red hue is great for brightening up darker spaces or adding a fiery pop of color.

NiagaraCOLOR TRENDS FOR 2017 BY KOKETKOKET‘s Colette Sofa and Geisha Chair

This classic-denim blue color is predicted to be the most prevalent color in Spring 2017. The cool color evokes ease and relaxation, and looks great as an accent or all over color.Pink YarrowCOLOR TRENDS FOR 2017 BY KOKETKOKET‘s Audrey Stool and Mademoiselle Armoire

Probably the most vibrant color of the bunch, Pink Yarrow is a bold and tantalizing hue that grabs attention. Hard to ignore, this color packs a playful punch and is great as a statement color.

Lapis Bluekokets-trendiest-colors-2017-lapis-blueKOKET’s Nahéma Bar Stool and Kelly Sofa

Lapis Blue has an inner richness that is not seen in Niagara, making it a bolder and more confident color. This is a stunning shade can give a dramatic yet chic touch to rooms.

Island ParadiseCOLOR TRENDS FOR 2017 BY KOKETKOKET‘s Trésor Stool and Mimi Bar Stool

A refreshing aqua blue, Island Paradise evokes tropical settings and dreamy days. Wonderful as an accent or all over color, the cool blue green hue is invigorating yet calming. Although vibrant, this due can be applied to walls, accents and upholstery.

Pale Dogwoodkokets-trendiest-colors-2017-pale-dogwoodKOKET‘s Drapesse Chair

Pale Dogwood is the softer offspring of Rose Quartz. This peaceful shade carries an essence of purity and innocence like a newborn baby. A beautiful subtle hue, the soft pink looks stunning on walls and upholstery pieces.

GreeneryCOLOR TRENDS FOR 2017 BY KOKETKOKET‘s Rita Stool and Gem Table Lamp

Not surprisingly, this tangy yellow-green is reminiscent of fresh foliage and the various green hues throughout nature. Although lighter and brighter, Greenery reminds one to take a deep breath, oxygenate and reinvigorate.

KaleCOLOR TRENDS FOR 2017 BY KOKETKOKET‘s Vivre 2 Rings Chandelier and Mimi Chair

Now you can eat it while gazing at the color on your walls! Kale is another foliage-based green that conjures up desires to connect to nature. This color is neutral enough to use all over or as an accent.

HazelnutCOLOR TRENDS FOR 2017 BY KOKETKOKET‘s Luna Bench and Kelly Sofa 2 Seat

Balancing out the rest of the hues is neutral Hazelnut. A light, warm brown, this shade brings to mind a natural earthiness like the nut itself. It’s a great transitional color to carry you throughout the seasons. Very gentle and glamorous at the same time.

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